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700 ml.

Pentire hails from the coastline of southwest England, in North Cornwall; Adrift is a botanical, non-alcoholic spirit made from unique plants native to the region. Besides beautifully capturing the salty aromatics of the British seaside, Adrift is coastal, herbaceous, and fresh. Notes of citrus, coupled with sage, rock samphire, and sea salt for a round herbal finish. Plus its key botanical Rock Samphire is rich in iodine, vitamins C, E, and K, as well as carotenoids and flavonoids - for a drink that is truly good for you!

Adrift does really taste like the air on a seaside walk as the waves create a mist in the air. Too much tonic may overpower the saltiness of this creations so for true decadence, we suggest you serve it on the rocks with a garnish of lemon, rosemary or bay leaf.

Ingredients: Rock Samphire, Sage, Pentire Plant Blend, Citrus, Cornish Sea Salt

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