Alive Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delivery
Alive Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delivery

Alive Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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12.7 oz.

Arbequina and Arbosana olives, grown on small family farms in Central Coast California, are cold-pressed within 90 minutes of harvest for premium flavor and freshness for Alive Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The resulting olive oil is Brightland's smooth and grassy cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, Alive. Use Alive Extra Virgin Olive Oil for salads, hummus, baked goods, fresh greens, and bread.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil.



Green Nectar of the Gods

I love this olive oil; it's the only one I eat. I mostly use it for salad dressing/sauces. It is incredible in homemade grain-free granola: makes it suuuper crunchy. I wish I could build a moat and fill it with this oil. Little baguette birds would flock to it and dunk their crusty beaks in.

Olivia V

The best!

Absolutely love this olive oil

Michael Teng

Tasty and bright!

Great quality oil

Ysabel Sullivan

Light and balanced

Love this olive oil! It’s balanced, not too strong but not flavorless and adds to any dressing, marinade or dip.