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Anchovy Salt

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3.5 oz.
Even anchovy haters love Anchovy Salt! Red Boat Salt is infused with our famous fish sauce and adds a natural touch of umami to any dish. Sprinkle Anchovy Salt on everything from steaks to oven-roasted vegetables for an irresistible burst of flavor.

Contains: Fish
Sea Salt, Anchovy


Andrea Maggard

Extra fishy

Great for adding some extra flavor to Asian sauces.

Emily Cooper

Umami bomb

This salt is wonderful as a sub for kosher salt for dry brining a chicken or turkey. It has the consistency of light brown sugar (slightly moist) so you’ll want to keep it tightly sealed. It does also have a strong anchovy scent (duh) so I appreciated the packaging, which is resealable. I love this salt and can’t wait to find more fun ways to use it. Endless possibilities!


Great flavor

Anchovy flavor comes through. It’s strong, so use accordingly!