Apple Juice Delivery
Apple Juice Delivery
Apple Juice Delivery
Apple Juice Delivery

Apple Juice

$5.008 fl oz5
Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Arrives: Chilled

8 fl oz. You're looking at a can of apples juiced at the peak of freshness, inspired by the crisp and acidic natural juices of Europe. It's floral, sweet, and sour. A summer dream and a shandy's best friend. Bonus: you get to support orchardists planting trees to steward and revitalize soil while sequestering carbon. This apple juice is produced for Lovely Bunch by the wonderful makers at Shacksbury Cider in Vergennes, Vermont, with only apples sourced sustainably in the Northeast.


Rebecca Flor

Bubbly like Cider

A lot denser and creamier than a standard juice from the grocery store. Felt more like a cider on the tongue. Would recommend! Crispy and sweet!

Taylor Kitto

Amazing taste

Like an adult version of those little glass apple jars

Jana Deguzman

Super tasty

Great flavor, super cute packaging

Julie Cha


I was pleasantly surprised on how yummy this drink was! It’s not too sweet and actually tastes like a blend of real apples. It was super refreshing for a hot summer day!

Kiana Hanaoka

Immediately obsessed

Cutest branding and yummiest apple juice!