Apricot Ice Cream Sandwich Delivery

Apricot Ice Cream Sandwich

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Our favorite creation straight from Frog Hollow Farm's own farm kitchen! Their golden apricots are hand-picked and brought to their kitchen to be made into fruit-forward hand-crafted ice cream sandwiches. Every batch of ice cream is encased in a house-made vanilla wafer to make the ice cream sandwich of your dreams. Love is translated in each bite.

Ingredients: Organic Frog Hollow Farm apricots, cream, Organic milk, Organic egg yolks, Organic sugar, almond extract, Organic All-purpose flour, Organic butter, vanilla, baking powder, baking soda, salt


Rocky Lee

Good but small

Has lots apricot flavor rich and sweet but it’s small

Aletheia Elwood

Holy cow

This is my new obsession 🥹🫠🫠 apricot is rarely ever found as an ice cream flavor???? Why?? This had the perfect balance of sweetness!

Marcia Gagliardi

Summertime bliss

Pretty much the best ice cream sandwich I have ever eaten, I simply loved the almond with the juicy apricot flavor. Wasn’t mushy and the ice cream didn’t make a mess, a dream summertime treat.

Cydney Malloy

SO good

So so good! The shortbread type cookie on the outside is delicious and the apricot ice cream is the perfect mix of creamy and fruity. Love! Buying more

Elisa Chan

Apricot flavor is incredible

Have always been a fan of Frog Hollow fruit and the quality of ice cream definitely matches the high standards they have for their fruit! Pricey for an ice cream sandwich but certainly a worthwhile treat!