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Thinly sliced and baked until crispy, these savory bagel chips from Midnite Bagel are made from an assortment of their famous sourdough bagels.

Midnite Bagel, the cult favorite ex pop-up from former Tartine lead bread-baker Nick Beitcher is a San Francisco bagel shop focused on naturally fermented (sourdough) bagels, breads, and sweet goods crafted from sustainably-grown, stone-milled flour from the Pacific Northwest.

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Rachel A Levin

Great bagel chips but more like crisps

They taste so healthy, not a ounce of grease or anything left on your fingers. the only complaint I have is that they could be a dash better with a pinch if salt otherwise the current healthier version is fantastic. Side note- not for scooping due to their fine consistency probably better for spreading on top of.