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Beef Osso Buco

$28.00Apprx. 2-3 lb 2
Frozen - Delivers in a Frozen Box
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Beef Osso Buco is comprised of beef shank that has been cut into portions. The shank is a crazy hard-working muscle that wraps around a marrow-rich bone. When cooked low and slow, the meat becomes tender and the marrow softens, adding an extra richness to your dish. Try Beef Osso Buco served the classic way with polenta or mashed potatoes.


Astin Henry

Purchasing again!

This meat was amazing. I had never had it before but decided to try something new. Found a recipe online and made the most amazing dish. Really a great value for the price.

Christine Bui

Meaty Osso Buco!

Used this to make a stew with a little fermented kimchi and it was delicious!