Benny Bento Box Delivery
Benny Bento Box Delivery
Benny Bento Box Delivery
Benny Bento Box Delivery
Benny Bento Box Delivery

Benny Bento Box

$27.001 ct
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Introducing Benny Bento Box – Sushi, Savory, and Squeaks, Oh My!

Get ready to roll in laughter as your pup takes a playful trip to Japan with our Benny Bento Box dog toy!

🍱 Features: 🍣 Mini Frens Fiesta: Treat your furry friend to an adventure in flavor town with mini frens – tiny, fluffy toys that look like bite-sized delights. It's a bento box bonanza that'll leave tails wagging and taste buds... well, maybe a little confused.

The Benny Bento Box is a multi-piece dog toy that includes seven pieces!

The Bento Box: includes a bed of rice and seaweed
Onigiri (Rice ball)
2 Shrimp Tempuras (Deep fried shrimp)
2 Jjukkumi Gui (Spicy grilled baby octopus)
Ika Maruyaki (Grilled whole squid on a stick)
🔊 Squeak-tastic Surprise: The bento box itself is a squeaky wonderland, delivering unexpected sounds as your dog "digs in" for playtime.

🥢 Paw-some Playtime: Made with recycled materials, our Benny Bento Box is perfect for playful pouncing and satisfying chew sessions. It's like a culinary carnival your pup won't want to miss!

🤣 Benefits:

Provides endless amusement for your dog, and you'll be grinning from ear to ear watching them explore this quirky bento box.
Encourages interactive play, making you and your pup the ultimate dynamic duo.
🐶🍱 Unleash the taste of Tokyo with the Benny Bento Box – where tail-wagging meets tongue-tilting in a truly unforgettable feast of fun. And remember, in this bento box, the only thing raw is the laughter

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