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Best of the Bay Bundle

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Best of the Bay Bundle Includes:

-Yucca Chips from Estrellita's Snacks
-Jalapeño Miso from Shared Cultures
-Gochujang from Queens
-Bronze Spaghetti from Flour + Water
-Single Origin Variety Pack Instant Coffee from Four Barrel Coffee
-White Chocolate Matcha Cups from Edie's

🌽 Yucca Chips from Estrellita's Snacks: A Crunch of Authenticity 🌽
Experience the authentic taste of Estrellita's Snacks Yucca Chips, where the simplicity of yucca meets the satisfaction of a perfectly crisp chip.

🌶️ Jalapeño Miso from Shared Cultures: A Fusion of Heat and Umami 🌶️
Elevate your dishes with the umami-rich infusion of Shared Cultures' Jalapeño Miso. This innovative blend adds a touch of Bay Area creativity to traditional miso, creating a harmonious balance of flavors that invigorate your taste buds.

🌶️ Gochujang from Queens: Spice with a Regal Twist 🌶️
Indulge in the vibrant heat of Queens' Gochujang, where Korean tradition meets Bay Area zest. Let the layers of flavor and spice transport you to the bustling streets of diverse culinary experiences.

🍝 Bronze Spaghetti from Flour + Water: Pasta Perfection in Every Strand 🍝
Discover the artistry of Bronze Spaghetti from Flour + Water. Crafted with care, this pasta offers a texture that clings to sauces, enhancing every bite. Celebrate the Bay Area's dedication to quality ingredients with each delicious mouthful.

☕ Single Origin Variety Pack Instant Coffee from Four Barrel Coffee: A Sip of Excellence ☕
Experience the Bay Area's coffee culture with Four Barrel Coffee's Single Origin Variety Pack Instant Coffee. This pack offers a journey through diverse coffee flavors, embodying the region's commitment to a perfect cup.

🍫 White Chocolate Matcha Cups from Edie's: A Sweet Fusion of Delight 🍫
Indulge your senses with Edie's White Chocolate Matcha Cups, where the sweetness of white chocolate meets the earthy charm of matcha.