Food Sustainability

As a society, we've made great strides in the area of sustainability in many aspects of our lives. We use reusable shopping bags, we recycle, and we even have those little bamboo toothbrushes now. But when it comes to the sustainability of our food, we still have a long way to go.


6 Most Famous Food Festivals Around the World

Isn’t it magical that the type of cuisine changes every few hundred miles and you can find diverse tastes in every place you go? One of the best ways to explore new cuisines is to attend food festivals where you can wander around and taste various types of foods in one go.


Food is Our Common Ground: Meatballs

Meatballs can be in many different forms. They can be made from almost any meat, including fish, as well as meatballs that do not contain meat. They have a mildly crispy exterior and an interior that is juicy, soft, and meaty. Often, they are one, flawless, delectable bite, and other times, they are as big as your hand.


Turkey & Wine Pairing: The Absolute Best Wines to Pair with Turkey in Thanksgiving 2022

As Thanksgiving approaches, pairing wine with Thanksgiving Day turkey may be confusing. At this exact moment, Pop Together is here to offer you the best pairings!


The Interesting Relationship Between Food and Music

For some, food is a passion, while for some it is just a source of nutrition to sustain life. While the meanings we attach to the food may vary, there is no doubt that food is a total experience in which we use all our senses altogether. The pleasure we take from an apple pie is not only based on its taste, instead, it is a combination of the pervasive smell and of the good memories that the apple pie reminds us. When we go to a fancy restaurant, all the components come together to enhance our experiences; the decor, the service, the music…In the last few years, scientists discovered food is also dependent on the music we listen to when eating. Music, scientific research shows, can change our eating habits and even can alter our taste sensation.


8 Famous Food Paintings: Art that makes you hungry

What is life without art? Some say that life would be meaningless without art, as it helps us deal with everyday ordinariness. Well, what is life without food, then? For sure, there is not a possibility of the existence of life without food as it is the main source of nutrition that gives us nourishment and keeps us alive. However, food is much more than a way of fueling ourselves. It is connected to all aspects of our lives. It is a tool to gather the family around the same table after a long time. Sometimes, it is the main source of comfort after a tiring day at work. Whenever and wherever it is consumed, food always is a great part of our lives.