Building Your Own Garden: Become Your Own Food Producer

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With the warm weather comes gardening season! No better way to enjoy this time of the year than to build your own home garden. With any skill level, gardening can be a wonderful and fulfilling way to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather and grow delicious and nutritious ingredients without leaving your home. Even if you have a small space, like a windowsill or some counter space, building a home garden can allow you to have delicious herbs, fruits, vegetables, and more that will help make cooking all of the more fun. Today, we wanted to share some tips for building your home garden (big or small) and ways to incorporate these delicious ingredients into your meals. Interested in learning more? Then read on!

Why should I build a home garden?

Before we get into how to build a home garden for your backyard or apartment, you may be wondering what some of the benefits are of having one. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Access to fresh produce

One of the most significant benefits of having your own home garden is having access to fresh produce right outside your door (or on your window sill!)! With a home garden, you can grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are not always available at your local grocery store. Best of all, you can be assured that they are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, making them a suitable choice against much of the produce you’ll find at the grocery store. Seeds are also typically quite inexpensive and, if tended to, will continue to produce all season long. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about running to the grocery store if you run out of something when fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs are in your backyard!

Cost savings

Another wonderful benefit of building a home garden is being able to spend less at the grocery store. With food costs rising, buying fresh produce can be quite expensive, and buying in larger quantities means you may waste some of what you purchased due to spoiling. On average, according to the Journal of Extention, home gardens produce $677 worth of fruits and vegetables, outweighing the cost of supplies by almost triple! Additionally, being able to grow the fruits, vegetables, and herbs you want means you can take what you need from your garden without wasting much! Additionally, the produce is always fresh and tasty, sometimes even better than some you’ll find at your local grocery store.

Environmental benefits

Growing your own food also has a ton of environmental benefits. For instance, growing your food helps reduce your carbon footprint as the food you’re enjoying doesn’t have to come from far away but rather from your backyard. By reducing the amount of produce that needs to be transported from faraway locations, you can help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable living for your home and your community!

Stress relief

Finally, gardening has been shown to have therapeutic benefits, including reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It allows you to go outside, be in nature, and do something that you can see results from within a few short weeks! Additionally, being able to cook with and taste the fruits of your labor is incredibly rewarding and can make the whole gardening experience all the more worthwhile.

So how do I build a home garden?

While the idea of building a home garden seems like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be! In fact, building a home garden can lead you to a new hobby or a comforting way to connect with your food and enjoy the farm-to-table cooking process. Seeing and tasting what you’ve grown in your garden can be a rewarding experience, and getting started is much easier than you might think. Here are some tips:

Choose a Location

The first step in building your home garden is choosing a location. You'll want to find a spot with plenty of sunlight and well-draining soil. Consider the size of your garden and the type of plants you want to grow and research tools you may need. Many stores sell planter boxes that vary in size, so there is likely an option that will fit your needs!

Decide What to Grow

Once you've chosen a location, it's time to decide what to grow. Consider the ingredients you like to cook with and research and choose plants that will thrive in your location. Depending on the climate, humidity levels, if you’re growing your plants indoors or outdoors, and the amount of sunlight you typically receive, various produce items likely suit your location best. Some popular options for a home garden include tomatoes, peppers, herbs, leafy greens, and root vegetables, although many others opt for microgreens, strawberries, squash, and more!

Plant Your Garden

Now that you have everything you need to begin your home garden, it’s time to plant! Follow the instructions on your seed packets or seedlings to plant your garden, and be sure to space your plants correctly and water them regularly. If you're planting vegetables, you may need to use supports, like stakes or cages, to keep them upright as they grow, so research is key before embarking with larger produce items like these.

Incorporate Ingredients into Your Meals

As your garden grows, incorporate fresh ingredients into your meals. For example, if you grow tomatoes, you can make homemade tomato sauce or salsa and if you grow herbs, you can add them to salads, marinades, and sauces; the possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating fresh ingredients into your meals! Additionally, growing your own ingredients can inspire you to try new recipes and experiment with different flavors. Look for recipes that feature the ingredients you're growing or try adapting your favorite recipes to include what you have grown in your garden. Finally, when you have more than you can enjoy or if the season is coming to a close, try pickling or preserving any fruits, vegetables, or herbs you may have left over! This will allow you to enjoy your garden long after the season has come to a close.

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