How Feed Together Champions Local Commerce and Community Building

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In the last decade, online shopping has become increasingly common for everything from clothes and household items to medicine and groceries. The last few years especially saw e-commerce and online grocery shopping explode as we all navigated the many challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While virtual shopping has become the norm, it can be a solitary, isolating experience—but at Pop Together, we believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing Social Commerce

Social Commerce combines the power of community group buying with technology and convenience to build stronger connections in our neighborhoods and champion local businesses.

Community group buying is when buyers form a group to place a large order of goods from a merchant, and often receive a better price or other convenience. The buyers collectively share in the value and convenience, and the merchant benefits from more orders and demand for their goods. Group buying builds a sense of community by coming together under a shared goal, but it requires strategic planning, organizing, and effort by members of the community and the merchant.

By incorporating technology with a thoughtfully designed app, Pop Together streamlines buying together and provides convenience and accessibility for both the local businesses and communities involved to create a Social Commerce experience.

Pop Together’s social, community-driven platform connects neighbors and friends while supporting dozens of local farms, bakeries, and food & drink artisans in its one-stop virtual “farmer’s market” style shopping app.

Pop Together curates the often hard-to-find and specialty items, like seasonal peaches from a farm in Petaluma or fresh bread from the bakery across town, and delivers them to your doorstep at accessible prices. Pop Together also helps to amplify the voices of local businesses to share their goods—and often their stories—across communities to help grow their business.

Benefits Abound

The benefits of Social Commerce extend throughout the community, making it a win-win for all involved.

For the Pop Together community, it builds stronger connections by bringing neighbors and friends closer together under a shared goal and helps to create more equitable access for all to healthy, local, fresh food.

For the Pop Together customer, it provides easy access to hard-to-find organic produce and artisanal foods and beverages, offers the convenience of a one-stop virtual shop with a broad selection of items delivered to their doorstep, and drives value through the power of collective commerce.

For the Pop Together partner, it supports local small businesses, expanding their visibility across communities and growing their customer base, and provides stability and consistency through large orders they can depend on.

For the environment, it helps reduce food waste by encouraging pre-planned shopping lists that drive more thoughtful ordering and cuts down on transport costs by consolidating pickups and deliveries to each neighborhood.

Pop Together is thrilled to deliver the Bay Area’s first community-driven social shopping experience and provide a way for neighborhoods to shop local—together.

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