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When it comes to the wintertime, there are a number of fruits that are perfect to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of oranges, kiwis, apples, tangerines, and more, stocking up and enjoying these winter treats is something to look forward to this time of year. If you’re like many, though, the fruit of choice during this time is the delicate, sweet, and delicious pear - with a smooth outer skin and juicy flesh, there is truly so much to love about this fruit! For today’s Pop’s All You Need Guide, we wanted to take some time and explore the world of pears - the different types of pears that exist, their nutritional profile, and some ways you can incorporate them into your everyday diet! If you’re interested in joining us, then read on.

Variations of Pears Available:

When it comes to pears, many people think the standard green variation is the only one. Well, there are quite a few families of pears that are worth exploring, all with different flavor profiles, outside skin colors and textures, and varying crispiness levels that may make them unique in their own way. Here are a few of the different varieties of pears you can find at your local grocery store, supermarket, farmers market, or specialty grocery store:


Bosc pears are a classic pear characterized by their warm cinnamon color and mild honey flavor. It’s a sweet pear that makes for the perfect option for baking, broiling, or poaching, thanks to its thicker skin and denser flesh. Additionally, Bosc pears are a great source of Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and dietary fiber, so these make for a great option to enjoy when implementing a healthier snack into your diet.

Red Anjou

Red Anjou pears are medium-sized pears with deep red or maroon skin. This pear variety typically has a gritty texture but sweet flavor, reminiscent of lime or lemon but with signature pear sweetness. Red Anjou pears are similar to Green Anjou pears but differ slightly in color and make for an excellent option for grilling, roasting, and baking, as well as enjoying them as is.


Bartlett pears, the signature sweet pear, are a delicious option to reach for and one you’ll find most often in your local grocery store. This pear variety is characterized by its bright green color and sweet taste that changes as it ripens! Additionally, Bartletts are the quintessential canning pear, although they also taste delicious eaten by themselves, as a part of salads, or even baked or made into sauces! 

While these are just a few of the pears that you can find locally, it’s important to note that there are hundreds of other varieties available all around the world! If you’re interested in learning more about different pear varieties worth trying, check out this list of pears from around the world.

‍‍How Healthy are Pears For You?

When it comes to eating healthy during the winter months, reaching for pears is a great option. According to Healthline, one medium-sized pear contains around 6 grams of fiber, 12% of your daily value of Vitamin C, 16% of your daily value of Copper, and 4% of your daily Potassium, to name just a few. Additionally, it is noted that pears are also known to help promote gut health, act as an inflammatory agent for your body, help prevent cancers and other diseases, and even help support you in your weight loss journey!

Ways to Incorporate Pears into Your Diet

Eating Fresh

One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to enjoy pears is to simply eat them fresh. Enjoy them as is or with some cheese or nuts for a tasty snack!


Pears make for a delicious choice to include in baked goods such as pies, tarts, cobblers, and cakes. Try using pears in place of apples for a unique twist on traditional recipes or even eat them alone!


Poaching pears in a sweet syrup is a simple and elegant way to enjoy this fruit. Simply simmer pears in a mixture of sugar, water, and spices until they are tender and the syrup has thickened. Serve the pears warm with a scoop of ice cream, use as a topping over cake, or even enjoy as an addition to a cheesecake for a beautifully balanced and decadent dessert!


Pears make a great option for your next cookout! When you grill pears, the heat intensifies their natural sweetness and adds a charred flavor. Serve as a side dish or topped with cheese for a sweet, savory, and healthy snack!

Adding to Salads

Pears can also be added to salads for a sweet and crunchy element. Try mixing sliced pears with greens, nuts, cheese, and a vinaigrette for a healthy and delicious salad.

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