Spring Ingredients and Dishes to Look Forward to This Season

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With the new season upon us, there is much to be excited about! Warmer weather, sunnier days, and delicious new ingredients are some of the few wonderful things that spring brings each year. Whether you’re looking for new ingredients to incorporate into your kitchen this springtime or are ready to head into the new season with new dishes, there are a variety of tasty fruits, vegetables, spices, and dishes to look forward to with the new season! Today, we wanted to share some insight into what spring brings to the culinary world, including new ingredients, new recipes, and more! If you’re interested in learning more, then read on!

What ingredients are typically grown during the spring?

With the new season comes delicious, fresh, and new ingredients to incorporate into your dishes! Whether you’re looking for new vegetables, fruits, or spices to enjoy within your meals, you’ll be sure to find something to enjoy all throughout the season. Some of the most popular ingredients that are grown during this time of the year include:


A classic ingredient, asparagus is a tasty, crunchy, and versatile vegetable that is perfect for springtime. This vegetable is known for its long, pointy spears and is commonly grown in California, Michigan, and Washington during the spring months! Asparagus is easy to make and can be prepared by grilling, baking, sauteing, and more.


Another classic springtime vegetable is peas! These sweet pods are a delicious snack and are a perfect option for a variety of different dishes; in fact, peas are included in so many dishes in cuisines around the globe! Additionally, peas are great sources of vitamins A, C, folate, thiamine, iron, and phosphorus, making them a healthy choice to add to your diet.


A spring and summer favorite for so many is artichokes! This unique, easy-to-prepare, and highly versatile vegetable can help transform a variety of dishes and make mealtime even more enjoyable. Preparing artichokes is quite simple, and you can prepare them by boiling, steaming, roasting, grilling, and more! Best of all, artichokes are a tasty option for pizzas, dips, and even to eat on their own as an appetizer or snack.


Rhubarb is a quintessential springtime vegetable that makes for a perfect unique option for spring-inspired desserts! This vegetable’s tangy, slightly sour flavor pairs well with sweet ingredients like sugar, honey, and fruit, and you can often find it in pies, crisps, and crumbles, as well as jams, jellies, and compotes!


One of the sweetest fruits around, strawberries are a wonderful choice for spring. The perfect choice for cooking, baking, or just enjoying alone, strawberries can make a tasty choice for any meal. Best of all, strawberries are incredibly healthy; according to WebMD, strawberries are natural sources of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants without extra fat, cholesterol, or sodium! It’s noted that strawberries can even help to boost memory, be heart-healthy, and can help to reduce the risk of cancer.


The final fruit on our list, cherries, are a wonderful choice for the spring months. Perfect as a snack or baked or cooked into delicious recipes, cherries are a wonderful way to enjoy something sweet with many health benefits. In fact, cherries are considered a delicious snack during the nighttime as they can help aid with sleep! Additionally, cherries are very high in antioxidants and other nutrients, helping to ward off free radical damage and, in turn, preventing cancer and other diseases.

Three tasty spring recipes to try

Now that we’ve covered some of the fruits and vegetables that are grown during the springtime, we wanted to share four fresh, unique, and mouthwatering recipes that can help ring in the new season! These are perfect options to share with family and friends and to prepare for a fun meal.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

A perfect appetizer for any dinner, strawberry spinach salad is sure to set the mood of the meal off right! This fresh and colorful salad combines fresh spinach leaves, sliced strawberries, crumbled feta cheese, and candied pecans, all tossed in a tangy balsamic vinaigrette. This wonderful medley will be sure to be a crowd favorite and makes for the perfect option for a dinner party, Easter celebration, or any other meal!

Lemon Asparagus Risotto

Another delicious spring dish is lemon asparagus risotto! This creamy and delicious risotto is made with Arborio rice, sautéed onions, white wine, and fresh asparagus. It's finished with a generous squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese for an all-around fresh and filling main course!

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

A classic dessert that celebrates the arrival of rhubarb season, strawberry rhubarb crisps are a fun and easy way to create a unique dish everyone will love! Toss chopped rhubarb with sugar and a bit of cornstarch, then top with a mixture of oats, flour, brown sugar, strawberries, butter, and cinnamon. Bake until the filling is bubbly and the topping is crisp and golden brown. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream for a wonderful way to end a delicious meal!

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