Turkey & Wine Pairing: The Absolute Best Wines to Pair with Turkey in Thanksgiving 2022

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As Thanksgiving approaches, pairing wine with Thanksgiving Day turkey may be confusing. At this exact moment, Pop Together is here to offer you the best pairings!

Turkey is a white meat with a lot of fat content and it is full of flavors. Therefore, we have a wide range of unique and tasty wine&turkey pairing possibilities depending on how we cook our turkey and what spices we add to the meat and which gravy and stuffing we use.

While how you prepare your turkey is crucial for the wine choice, you should also keep in mind that different parts of turkey may require different wines due to the taste changes. That is to say, a roasted dark part of turkey will not taste same as a juicy breast cut; and so the wine pairings will be numerous for a single turkey. Easy does it!

We are here to help you choosing the best wine for different cooking techniques and different parts of the turkey.

Also, if you are wondering where to find wine and turkey in this Thanksgiving, just take a look at our App. You will find there our special offer on turkey and our amazing selection of fine wines, just for you!  

Red Wine with Turkey

Pinot Noir 

When a well-selected Pinot Noir is combined with a traditional roasted turkey and a side of gravy, you can't go wrong. Wines like pinot noir are highly adaptable for varios kinds of cooking techniques. Choose a New World Pinot Noir wine from Oregon, California, Argentina, or another region of the Americas for a fruitier, lighter profile. Alternately, you can favor a German Spatburgunder or an old-world Burgundy Pinot Noir option.

Be mindful, too, that the variety of flavors on your plate may overpower some lighter varieties of Burgundy Pinot, such as traditional Volnay wines


Turkey and this wine pairing goes incredibly well.  Both dark and light turkey cuts pair perfectly with the fruity profile and body of zinfandel. If you want a red wine with more power than Pinot Noir, this one is the ideal option. It complements heavier meals the best.

White Wine with Turkey


With classic sides like bread sauce, a full-bodied Chardonnay might be an appealing match for your turkey. 

The greatest examples have an oaky richness that can give sweet spice aromas, and the meat, which is sometimes on the drier side, benefits greatly from the creamy lactic acid. The flavors are balanced by the presence of an acidic foundation. 

These wines' strong levels of acidity and minerality aid in palate cleansing, enabling you to easily navigate all the trimmings. Particularly for someone who prefers riper fruit flavors on their Chardonnay, the Mâconnais is a location to investigate for alternatives. 


Champagne pairs well with turkey wine because of its high acidity, smooth mouthfeel and low tannins. Depending on which champagne you choose, you can enjoy bready almond flavors, or  orange zest, melon and apple flavors. The champagne's natural fruit flavors bring out the subtle spiciness of the turkey, letting all the flavors come through without overriding the delicious turkey you cooked.

Champagne goes especially well with fried turkey as it smoothes the crispy texture of turkey and compliments the herbal flavors. Also, we should not oversee the fact that there is nothing like Champagne while celebrating a special occasion like Thanksgiving. 


My all time favorite, a dry German Riesling is the impeccable wine for a Thanksgiving turkey pairing. This wine pairs particularly well with smoked turkey and spicy herb flavors. Moreover, dry Riesling also works well with sweet dishes such as sweet potatoes, so if you cook your turkey with sweet potatoes while serving it with a cup of Riesling, it is the ultimate match. If you want to accentuate the delicate, rich flavor of turkey, Riesling is the way to go. The drink's high acidity and minerality makes turkey soothing and pleasing for all of your family at Thanksgiving dinner


Whether you roast your turkey in the classic way or use different spices and herbs to customize Thanksgiving day turkey, it is possible to enhance your and your family’s experience by pairing it with the right wine. 

If you are looking for a place to buy holiday turkey and wine, you should definitely take a look at Pop Together App. We offer you our special prices for Holiday Turkeys, while also serving you with our highly curated fine-wine selection, and they are all delivered to your door!

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