Blood Orange Soda Delivery
Blood Orange Soda Delivery

Blood Orange Soda

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Arrives: Chilled

This refreshing soda is charaterized by a comittment to IGP juices, and comes in at 12-16% Juice Content…a rarity in any soda, let alone one with IGP juices.

Limone di Siracusa (Siracusa Lemon) IGP is characterized by a high juice content and an abundance of fragrant/essential oils within its rind. While the arancia rossa di Sicilia Blood Orange is a variety of orange with a rich crimson, almost blood-colored flesh, tart flavor and highly aromatic rind.

We love these sodas served well chilled.
these sodas are notably refreshing- sweet, tart, and zesty all at once.

Take it to the next level and top a glassful with fresh mint or top up some cocktails – it goes well with gin, vodka, tequila, or light rum.