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Bok Choy Kimchi

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16oz. Napa Cabbage Kimchi’s edgy alter ego, this Bok Choy Kimchi has a zippy, yet buttery finish and stands out with its crunchy textural delight. It's a fan-favorite – see you next week for your next jar! Launched by founder and “fermentress” Aruna Lee in 2014, Volcano Kimchi is a San Francisco-based producer of vegan and organic Korean food products. Ingredients: bok choy*, radish*, green onion*, onion*, red bell pepper*, chili powder, garlic*, ginger*, shiitake mushroom powder*, kelp*, french grey sea salt (*organic).

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Eva Yavorkovsky

just buy the kimchi

my head says gatekeep, my heart says be kind and share. perfectly tangy-spicy. I’ll be saving the brine for quick pickles and kimchi jjigae. (dare I say kimchi martini?)

Nicole Spear

Put it in everything

So we’ll balanced. It really is my favorite kimchi brand.

Casey Weiss

Amazing Amazing!

Everything is seriously so good from volcano kimchi. Highly recommend

Aletheia Elwood

Worth it!

Bok choy is already my favorite and I had no idea I would like it so much in kimchi form!

Lanae Peitzmeier


Jar was gone in days