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Bourbon Caramel Pudding

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8 oz.

A local San Francisco small batch artisan dessert maker creating a variety of puddings, Yes Pudding specializes in custard and bread based concoctions, both sweet & savory. Their Bourbon Caramel Pudding is handmade daily toasted buttery croissants, sweet cream, vanilla & cinnamon topped with a house-made bourbon caramel for a moist and flavorful twist of our favorite traditional Southern treat!

Ingredients: milk, eggs, vanilla, sugar, flour, bourbon

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Real Dessert !!😋

Hmmm So Yummy For My Tummy !! I have to keep an Eye on Myself I have to watch for my Sugar intake but hard to stay away from this deliciousness Pudding A Small Sliced is so Satisfying. Who doesn’t want Bourbon and Caramel together !! 😱😋👍 Try It For Sure …You will like it !! ❤️🎶💃

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