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Brioche Feuilletee

$27.081 ct.3
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This Brioche Feuilletee is in the family of laminated dough - puff pastry, croissant and Danish being the standards - much like a hybrid of a croissant and brioche. This extra-large version is person served warm with tea or coffee, or sliced and spread with warm chocoalte. Tarts de Feybasse creates baked goods with French classic roots and pastries that are beautiful, modern, and most of all, delicious.


J Hwang


Just the right combination of flakiness and sweeteness. Quite pricey for the loaf but it is pretty big.

Valerie Coombs


I've never had something quite like this before... kind of a combination between a brioche and a croissant. If you are hosting a brunch, this is the perfect special thing for your table


Delivery issues

My delivery got delayed by one day so I didn’t get it for the event I ordered it for. The delivery window- 9am-5pm- is impossibly long to plan for and there’s no option to have the driver call or ring the door bell so it’s a challenge. I see now that my next order is also being delayed one day. Disappointing for the expensive goods being sold here.