Bucatini Delivery
Bucatini Delivery
Bucatini Delivery


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12 oz.

Bucatini is a long, narrow tube shaped paste, resembling thick, hollow spaghetti. Bayview Pasta's fresh Bucatini is hand milled at a low temperature to retain essential amino acids and nutrients lost in commercial milling. This makes their pasta slightly nutty and full of the sweet flavor of hard white wheat while much healthier and easier to digest. Hand made with non-gmo wheatberries souced from reputable West Coast farms, using traditional rolling, sheeting, and extruding processes, the method yields long strands with a slightly springy, chewy, delicate texture and a delicious flavor. This shape is best served with tomato, butter, cream, and seafood-based sauces.

Ingredients: semolina, hard white wheat, red wheat, red fife, spelt, water

Arrives: Chilled



Aletheia Elwood

Love to eat it plain!

I love to eat it plain with olive oil, salt, pepper, and red chili flakes!

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