Buckwheat Black Sesame Loaf Delivery
Buckwheat Black Sesame Loaf Delivery

Buckwheat Black Sesame Loaf

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Midnite Bagel's Buckwheat Black Sesame Loaf is a dark, nutty fermented loaf with a rich, extra-umami flavor from the black sesame and a decidedly dark gray color inside. Enjoy with classics like smoked fish, schmears, herring and more.

Midnite Bagel, the cult favorite ex pop-up from former Tartine lead bread-baker Nick Beitcher is a San Francisco bagel shop focused on naturally fermented (sourdough) bagels, breads, and sweet goods crafted from sustainably-grown, stone-milled flour from the Pacific Northwest.

Ingredients: wheat flour, rye flour, buckwheat flour, black sesame seeds, sourdough culture (wheat flour, water), sea salt

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Louise Buckley

I’m obsessed

Totally repurchasing. So good as a nice piece of toast, so good to slack up some extra pasta sauce. I had mine with some La Curiosa Mussels in Spicy Marinade (also from feed) and it was a wonderful pairing!

Rebecca Delaney

Buckwheat Black Sesame Loaf

Really an amazing and delicious loaf of unique moist bread.

Abby Bridge

Nice density, great flavor

Highly recommended for toast or smorrebrod (Scandinavian-style open-faced sandwiches).

Liz C

Great taste

Great to eat on its own, a little hard to pair with spreads



It was ok. I’m not a huge black sesame person but the wife wanted it.