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Café - Coffee Paper Placemats

$20.8050 sheets
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11.5'' (depth) x 17.5 '' (width). Pad of high quality paper placemats. Printed in Canada. To dress all your table settings in your home or outside in your garden.

"L'art de la table" has been Gigi Lorrain's passion forever. She worked as a stylist with some of Quebec's most renowned chefs, on their prestigious television shows. She has also signed many pieces on design for printed magazines and on television (Quebec's TVA, CBC and Canal Vie) where she hosted her own show on wedding planning , a show that featured 147 weddings during its seven seasons, and where table design was the star. Gigi now heads the creative team at Maison Lorrain, where art, good design and quality invite themselves at the table and play a big part in everyday life.