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Carrot Curry Crackers

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Shelf Life: 75 Days

Carrot Curry Crackers are a crispy, gluten-free snack is made with a hint of curry and is just as tasty solo as it is with a dip for pairing. Carrot Curry Crackers are dehydrated crisps made from fresh carrot juice, sunflower seeds and curry powder. Enjoy this spicy-sweet snack on their own or as a cracker substitute.

All of the products are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO.
Carrot*, Sunflower Seed*, Lemon Juice*, Flax Seed*,Coconut Sugar*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Curry Powder*, Cayenne*

Contains: Coconut.


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Honestly I was hesitant of buying this because I have no clue what it would be… But it sounded quite yummy and it was on sale. Glad I tried it. It’s sweet with the aftertaste of curry spice. Might buy it again in the future.

Jason Berkman

So good these crackers!

I love fresh carrots and dried foods (crackers, vegetables) that I can add to soups and stews, so these carrot curry crackers are a perfect combination for me. I just discovered them and this company, Urban Remedy. I have them with me in my car/day bag for a quick nutritious snack that isn't just bread and cheese (which I often go to!).


Just OK

Too sweet to be a cracker. Also doesn’t transport well, was more like crumbs than crackers