Caviar (Finger) Limes Delivery

Caviar (Finger) Limes

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7-8 ct.

Finger limes, or caviar limes are small and elongated citrus, almost resembling gherkins, containing tiny spherical vessels filled with tart juice that is sometimes called citrus caviar. When cut open they reveal a multitude of tiny spherical vessels, and small, cream-colored seeds that pop and release a citrusy, tart bubble when squeezed or chewed. Serve them alongside seafood, sushi, pasta, and other foods that benefit from the crunchy pop of the bright bubbles.
Approx. 50 grams.

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Abigail Cruz

Really fun!

These are fun to eat. I loved squeezing one into plain sparkling water, they’re like tiny popping boba. Slightly different taste from a regular lime.

Meredith Buyrucu

Such an interesting citrus

I now want to grow these myself. A fun way to garnish seafood. Love the tang and the crunch!

Lili Pabz

So much fun!

Not super lime-y but definitely a fun addition to my drinks

Karina Lew

Citrusy delicious caviar

So excited caviar limes are offered on FEED, I had to include them in my first purchase. They didn’t quite look as fresh and plump as the photographs but they were still tasty sour citrusy and slightly bitter. Would not use this if you’re looking for lime juice, but instead to elevate your dish with fun popping citrus “caviar”. Very fun to cook with. So far I used them in my cilantro lime chili noodles.

Jenn Sugiyama

So Unique and Versatile

This tiny treasure is truly sensational, bursting with lime flavor that adds just the right amount of fresh acidity and texture to your dishes. It’s unique versatility gives distinction to a wide array of recipes. Bonus: The process of extracting the caviar-sized pearls from the skin is just sheer fun!