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Chai Spice Breakfast Biscuits

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Spice up your morning routine with our tasty chai spice breakfast biscuits. Each fiber rich, low sugar, gluten free biscuit/cookie features:

- Climate friendly, nutrient dense whole grain flours
- A balanced, aromatic blend of spices similar to your favorite chai latte
- Subtle sweetness from unrefined coconut sugar
- Baked in unrefined, virgin coconut oil
- 4g of plant protein, 4g of prebiotic fiber, 6g of sugar, good source of iron
- Free from artificial preservatives, ingredients, gums or starches
- Pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea or as a healthy, on-the-go breakfast or morning snack

  • #Gluten Free
  • #Dairy Free


Jennifer Gresham

These grow on you

I’m not sure what made me order a breakfast cookie other than I like chai. It’s a bit like a gingersnap but with more subtle flavor. The nutrition is good so I really did eat for breakfast. I liked it and will order again!

Priya Talwar


Being south Asian I was expecting the real chai flavors. It’s super healthy but it’s barely sweet without much flavors.