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Chargrilled Razor Clams

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Artisan-caught razor clams cleaned and purified with salt water, then grilled over wood fire and packed in Arbequina extra virgin olive oil from Torre de Canena. Bigger isn't always better with seafood, but it absolutely is when it comes to razor clams. This flavor and texture stand out among other tins, and the light smokey chargrilling enhances the brightness of the razor clams.

Güeyu Mar chargrilled conservas are some of the most premium & exclusive in Spain. Using the finest seafood from the north of Spain and then chargrilling them, they are then canned through a complex and painstaking process. From the search for the most premium marine treasures, to the precise craft of chargrilling them to obtain a heavenly texture and flavor, this tinned fish is an entire 100% homemade gourmet experience & will completely alter your perception of what canned food can be. We love to eat it the traditional way, purely as it is, as an aperitif straight from the can.

Ingredients: Razor clams (Ensis magnus), extra virgin olive oil (27%) and salt

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