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Cherry Ice Cream Sandwich

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Our favorite creation straight from Frog Hollow Farm's own farm kitchen! Their sweet cherries are hand-picked and brought to their kitchen to be made into fruit-forward hand-crafted ice cream sandwiches. Every batch of ice cream is encased in a house-made chocolate wafer, perfectly complementing the cherry, to make the ice cream sandwich of your dreams. Love is translated in each bite.

Ingredients: Organic Frog Hollow Farm cherries, cream, organic milk, organic egg yolks, organic sugar, almond extract, All-purpose flour, organic cocoa powder, organic butter, organic brown sugar, vanilla, baking powder, salt, baking soda


Penelope Landon


Very tasty, my favorite from this brand

Marcia Gagliardi

Cherry Baby

I thought the apricot was my favorite, and then I tried this gorgeous cherry sandwich with a touch of cocoa. Bursting with black cherry flavor. Bliss.

Nadyne Richmond

absolute perfection

The best ice cream sandwich I've ever had! The ice cream is bursting with cherry flavor, the wafers are lovely, and it was very fresh.

Leeanne Z

Hide it away

So delicious is an understatement. Hide it from your kids and significant other. You won’t want to share.

Priya Talwar

Loved it!

So good! Not heavy! Must buy.