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Chile Limón Salad Chicken

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9 oz.

Roli Roti's Chile Limón Salad Chicken takes a custom blend of spices and herbs to give this chicken a kick of heat and citrus. Sous vide to perfection in its own juices, this spicy, tangy, juicy chicken is fully cooked. Slice it or tear it into shreds, then use it to top your salads, stir into soups, or layer into sandwiches. This savory chicken is delicious hot or cold and makes overcooked white chicken meat a thing of the past. Simply eat straight from the box, or gently heat and add to add any dish that needs an extra delicious boost of protein.

Ingredients: chicken, spices (Aleppo chile [Aleppo peppers, vegetable oil, salt], coriander, salt, smoked Spanish paprika, crystallized lime [citric acid, lime oil, lime juice]), salt

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