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Chili Oil

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In food, as in life, too much harmony breeds boredom. To avoid a pileup of blandness, some counterpoint is needed: something to punctuate the dish to give it shape, like chili oil. Ours is enhanced with CBD and three varieties of chilies which are blended to create an oil with medium-level heat and a bit of smokiness. Nice mixed into tahini, over sautéed vegetables, to finish a soup, over burrata, rice, eggs, beans, or raw oysters. Really, it's good on anything you want to festoon with a subtle fiery spice.

Tasting Notes:

Chilé guajillo- Savory flavor with some natural sweetness
Chilé de arbol- Brings heat + spice with a sharp backburn
Chilé morita- Sweet/smoky flavor with a mid-burn
CBD infused oil- Adds an assertive herbaceous aroma

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Jessica Criswell

can’t get enough!

Chili oil on everything! CBD on everything! We love both so this chili oil works out beautifully for us. It’s gone on pizzas, pastas, eggs, veggies, with Chinese takeout, and I’m dying to try it with some sweets too actually. Love love love the blend on different peppers here, each really adding to the flavor profile in their own way to create the ultimate blend. And you can tell the oil itself is high quality. Can’t go wrong with this one- if you like chili oil, you have to try!