Chipotle Seaweed Seasoning Delivery
Chipotle Seaweed Seasoning Delivery

Chipotle Seaweed Seasoning

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A true West Coast fusion. Bold yet approachable flavor from a nutrient-rich spice. Smoked Chipotle chile flakes, locally grown and smoked by Fire Tongue Farms in California, meets sustainably grown Organic West Coast Wakame seaweed from a regenerative ocean farm in the pristine waters of Alaska. This spicy, smoky blend offers a burst of earthy heat and the perfect amount of umami. Your unexpected combo for a reliably ‘wow’ moment.

** This product is a Good Food Award Winner!**

- toss on veggies with olive oil before grilling or roasting
- use as a dry rub on meat and fish
- spice up popcorn with this smoky heat + umami
- add to pizza, pasta, & jalapeño margaritas!

INGREDIENTS: Made from California Red Peppers and Organic Wakame Seaweed (aka kelp) grown by regenerative ocean farmers in Alaska.

TASTING NOTES: Smoky Heat * Roasted Tomato * Earthy * Umami

Net weight: 1.5 oz (43 g)

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