Chive Cream Cheese  Delivery

Chive Cream Cheese

$6.468 oz.5
Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Arrives: Chilled

8 oz.

Is there anything more satisfying than a crusty bagel with a schmear of cream cheese? Fresh chives add a green, oniony kick for an herby accent to Boichik's luscious spread. If bagels aren't your thing, try spreading on nordic rye flatbreads with sliced cucumber, or blend with sour cream or mayo for a classic dip.


Felicia Ramirez

Will buy again!

Smooth, creamy, and yummy.

Gayatri Kapur

Very fresh and flavorful

Delicious cheese at great value!

Britta Jewell

Subtle and creamy

Nice, subtle chive flavor and very creamy cream cheese

Christina Harrison

Amazing, grocery store cream…

…cheese is just wrong. We had to over order on the next order, we (5 of us) went through an entire container before we ate all of our bagels! We also HAD to try several flavors.

Alanna Mckown

Whipped texture

Love this, super yummy and subtle flavor