Milk Bar

Chocolate Mint Chip Cake

$67.206 inch.

6 inch, serves 8-12.

The classic flavor of rich, indulgent celebratory moments turned into a decadent holiday cake. Double chocolate chip cake layers spread with gooey, rich chocolate jam, chocolate mint chip frosting, and minty milk crumbs. The top layer is decorated with minty milk crumbs and chocolate crumbs as a wink to the traditional pint. Serve it up for any and all winter occasions—even if it’s just ordering holiday gifts from the couch!

Ingredients: sugar, powdered sugar, enriched wheat flour, butter, pasteurized liquid egg mixture, whole milk, buttermilk, vegetable oil, cocoa powder, vegetable shortening, brown sugar, white chocolate, corn syrup, dark chocolate flakes, chocolate, milk powder, wheat flour, corn starch, chocolate chips, glucose syrup,salt, vanilla extract imitation, natural tahitian vanilla, baking powder, citrus fiber, natural mint flavor, pectin, citric acid, green food color

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