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Country Bread - Josey Baker Bread

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One for the sourdough purists, Josey Baker's Country Sourdough is the plain and simple true loaf. The loaf is made from just flour, water, salt, and sourdough culture, the traditional perfection coming from the same sourdough culture that Josey got from his great, great grandmother. With a soft interior, a perfect crust and that sour taste of great fermentation it is everything you want from a great San Francisco sourdough.

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Bread Flour (Wheat), Sourdough Culture, Sea Salt.

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Natalia Michele


wow, this was really good. It came harder than I thought it would but right when I put it in the oven to toast, it became so fluffy and soft. Will be ordering again!

Maggie Silverman

Good option

I used to live in SF and loved getting bread from Josey Baker at The Mill. The bread is still good, not a bad price at all for $8, and better than any packaged bread that you’d be getting from standard markets. For me I think I might just prefer other loaves and I wasn’t enthused about how short the loaf was, I like it taller. Still a good choice, just maybe not my favorite anymore

Steph Contreras

It’s so fluffy!

One of my favorites by Josey. Always arrives super soft and stays that way for daysss. Grab a loaf of this country bread soon!

Emily Rampton

Love this bread!

Delicious loaf! Almost knocked off a star because it was packed and shipped in a way that made the loaf a bit squished, but decided to keep all five stars because the bread is that good!

Liz C

Great sourdough taste

Great strong sourdough flavor. Loaf size isn’t as big as tartine loaves though. You’ll go through this bread fast