Damask Rose Infused Wildflower Honey Delivery

Damask Rose Infused Wildflower Honey

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8.5 oz. Biodynamically farmed Kazanlik Damask Rose petals infused in raw wildflower honey! These roses were grown in Sebastopol, California. Soaking the petals in the honey allows the profound essence of this famous culinary rose absorb into the honey. Considered “ceremonial grade.” The sweet and highly floral antique Rose aroma transformed into flavor!

Kiss the Flower specializes in pure, raw, and natural honey. They also produce honeycomb, bee pollen propolis tincture, Mead, and infused honeys. We infuse organic full spectrum CBD, CBG, and CBN into pure and raw honeys. Kiss the Flower uses biodynamic and treatment-free beekeeping methods.


Aarianne Nadocheek

Don’t pass this up if you love rose

Really nice floral flavor that pairs well with cheese and white tea!