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De La Paz - Graceland Blend

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A decade ago, De La Paz was a small underdog coffee roaster in San Francisco's Mission District. They didn't get as much buzz as Ritual or Blue Bottle, but the coffee was pretty good, a variety of coffees from single origins to blends, light roast to medium plus. When Four Barrel Coffee bought De La Paz, they decided to focus De La Paz on sweetness and body of blends while Four Barrel is focused on single-origin coffees.

This versatile, go-anywhere blend hits the center of that eternal Venn diagram: big-bodied enough for espresso, articulate enough for a cup of brew. You can dress it up, or dress it down, like a sharp black sweater. Graceland gets along great with both nightclub bouncers and boyfriends' parents. Sourced from Nicaragua Dipilton and Colombia el Tablon, it's got layers upon layers with notes of caramel, currant and tangerine.


Nicholas Santos

Great coffee

All de la Paz is great.