Dried Pluots Delivery
Dried Pluots Delivery
Dried Pluots Delivery
Dried Pluots Delivery

Dried Pluots

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8 oz bag. Store in a dark, cool place up to 4 months after opening, OR freeze and thaw as needed.

Pluots are a cross between plums and apricots, quickly becoming one of the best known hybrid fruits available today. Frog Hollow Farm sun-dries three varieties: flavor heart, flavor king and honey punch to medallions ranging from golden brown to deep mahogany for a delicious, sparkling tartness to complement their rich sweetness. The result is a fantastic chewy texture with no sulfur preservatives. Plus the dried pluots are made with cosmetically challenged or ultra-ripe fruit, so all fruit finds a home.

Ingredients: organic pluots, sunshine


Kai Henthorn-Iwane

Very good

Be careful to not eat all of these in one sitting! They’re delicious!

Sharon Henthorn-Iwane

Very yummy

These dried pluots were to die for! Just make sure you don’t eat them all up too quickly

Hrishi Bhagwat

Love these

These dried pluots are packed with flavour just like the fresh fruit! Great snack to carry around on trips!

Valerie Coombs

such a treat!

I love these... not too hard, not too soft... just right!