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Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delivery
Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delivery
Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delivery

Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$17.00500 ml.5

500 ml.

Grown in Jaen, Spain, the heart of Andalusia has proven to be the only area picual olives, the single variety that Graza uses for their and made in Jaen, Spain, the country where about half the world’s olive oil is produced, Graza uses 100% picual olives for their “Drizzle” extra-virgin olive oil, specifically made for finishing. The single origin olives are harvested by hand in October, when they are still young, green and not fully ripe. Though a bit stubborn to pull off the tree, once pressed, they make an olive oil that is full of attitude, grassy and peppery, with a spicy zip that finishes a dish beautifully. Use “Drizzle” to finish just about any dish, from meat and vegetables to popcorn and ice cream. And since it’s a finishing oil, be sure to keep it off the heat to maintain its delicate flavor.

Ingredients: %100 picual olives

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Edgar Castrejon

Great olive oil

One of the best olive oil


Grassy finishing oil

This olive oil comes in the cutest packaging and has a strong flavor of grass and pepper.

K Cheung

Loveee the squeeze bottle

So easy to use and the flavor is amazing!

Kat Alcaraz

Bottle and quality

Amazing quality, a little goes a long way, great squeeze bottle

Sandra Shu

High quality!

A great addition to any dish or even to dip with bread!