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Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Hi, I'm Mr. Mango Enchilado , nice to meet you. Nice to meet you!

The hottest and most popular of the family, it's irresistible not to fall in love with me ;)

Mix of cheeks and slides by Mango Kent
With chilito, my chili is friendly for your digestion, from babies to adults they can consume me :)
No added sugar or artificial syrups
100% Mexican and organic mango
Ideal to consume as a snack or with your favorite drinks

  • #Vegan
  • #All Natural
  • #Kosher


Leeanne Z

Adult movie snacks

I would buy three bags. Soft and spicy, just enough spice kids didn’t want any haha

Erika P Guzman Tamayo


Omg super amazing

Kiana Hanaoka

Perfect lil snack!

A healthier version of a chili mango. Favorite little sweet snack

Elaine Wang

Good not great

Texture was a bit tough and not like usual dried mango products. Seasoning was good but could have been a bit more of it.