Espresso Blend Delivery
Espresso Blend Delivery

Espresso Blend

$20.9210.6 oz5
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10.6oz. This blend is built to work. A full-bodied comprehensive espresso blend that communicates a balance of traditions and the present time. Made from smallholder producers in Guatemala, Ethiopisa, Brazil, and Guatemala. Hedge Coffee is an event coffee catering company and specialty coffee roaster based in San Francisco.

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Max Simon

We’re addicted

This coffee is life. It is my essence. Must have more.


Hedge >>> other roasters

Alex, Olga, and Kyle know what they’re doing! Their beans are top notch. Hedge is also opening a shop soon in the Mission and I can’t wait!

Carly Simon

Buy this coffee!!!

No really — do it. I stumbled across this espresso and will never look back. It’s so yummy. Especially when made in the bialetti!

Nicole Spear

My fav coffee right now

When you want to splurge on a really delicious coffee ☕️ Try Hedge’s espresso roast. It’s so good it will ruin you. It’s hard to find this brand so I feel lucky I can get it delivered. Send some to your favorite coffee lover. I hear they are going to open a brick n’ mortar soon.

Nicholas Santos

Hedge is the best

I prefer other bags they have but Hedge is a company to watch. Fantastic coffee. Get on it now.