Essentials Matcha Kit Delivery
Essentials Matcha Kit Delivery
Essentials Matcha Kit Delivery

Essentials Matcha Kit

$100.001 ct
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The Essentials Matcha Kit, is the perfect matcha set containing all of the tools needed to experience the perfect cup of Nekohama at home or on the go. Sustainably made with recycled and recyclable materials. Everything you need for your daily ritual. The Essentials Matcha Kit comes with added protection, each whisk is shipped in a disposable cylindrical container with a sleeve to protect the prongs of the whisk. Designed in California | Fabricated in China.

The Essential Kit includes:

Nekohama Glass Matcha Bowl
Bamboo Zen Whisk
Nekohama Measuring Spoon
Nekohama Tray Lid

Nekohama, is a family endeavor driven by passion and purpose. From the maker: "The story of Nekohama began in 2017 when I crossed paths with two influential souls - my now-wife, Sanne Vloet and my best friend, Jason Gorskie. As the years unfolded, the three of us became inseparable, embarking on countless adventures and creating lasting memories together. With my mother Shigeko and close friend Jason joining us, Nekohama became a family endeavor. Our Matcha ritual united us, deepening our connection to ourselves and each other. This connection guided us forward, setting us on a journey to creating the best tasting ceremonial grade matcha. A path that would lead us to finding the best tasting matcha, one without any bitterness and packed full of benefits to support your well-being."