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Fried Egg Potato Chips Delivery
Fried Egg Potato Chips Delivery
Fried Egg Potato Chips Delivery

Fried Egg Potato Chips

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Imported from Spain, Torres Potato Chips are light and crispy with bold flavors.
These fried egg crisps from Torres will be the talk of your dinner or cocktail party! These golden crisps have the rich savory flavour of a freshly fried egg - we couldn’t believe it either but they really do!
The taste of fried eggs is delightfully weird - and makes these chips completely irresistible.

The old-fashioned, handcrafted process at Torres strives for maximum quality and respect for our traditions- beginning with the selection of the best potatoes that come from our farmers with whom we have been working with for over 35 years. With the best raw materials, a careful and meticulous process begins in which the know-how infuses each phase until a truly gourmet potato chip is created, making for an authentic delicacy.

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Jimmy Wong


These chips confused my brain and sent me on a one way ticket to flavortown and I am here for it. Only scary thing is that the chips don’t actually contain eggs. That’s some wild science, babyyy

nicholas santos

So weird but so good

Tastes like fried egg - trippy. Pair with anchovies or scallion dip.

Caroline Gundel

For egg lovers!

I was skeptical that these chips would actually taste like fried eggs but they do! My daughter and I prefer our eggs sunny side up and as soon as we tried these chips we were literally fighting over the bag. The whole bag was eaten in one sitting. Not because there weren’t enough chips but because we love them so much!

Jeremy Siegel

Eggy in a good way!

Next time need to eat these with caviar!



It really taste like Fried Egg Over easy It’s hard to stop eating it !! It’s yummy and a very Unique Flavor❤️👍