Frittata (Spanish Omelette) - Spinach Delivery

Frittata (Spanish Omelette) - Spinach

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A Spanish omelette or tortilla Espanola, is usually served in a large triangular slice and may come accompanied by some salad or tomato. It’s a popular dinner time meal but can honestly be eaten at any time of the day. This quick and easy Tortilla will transport you to a tapas restaurant in Spain in minutes!

Ingredients: potato, pasteurized egg (whole egg, citric acid), spinach, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, salt.

Contains: eggs.

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Rebecca Flor

Good product but easy to overcook

The product tasted very good but it was difficult to defrost. We had to try to cook it very low and slow but ended up overcooking trying to get a hot mouthfeel. I would try again but purchase the plain style. I would recommend for defrosting a full 12 hours prior due to density.