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Garlic Olive Oil

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Estate-produced on McEvoy Ranch Estate here in California, this spicy, earthy and pungent Garlic Olive Oil is full of flavor that compliments almost any savory dish. Made using the Agrumato Method where a blend of Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino Moraiolo, Maurino, and Coratina olives are milled together with whole certified organic Gilroy garlic cloves, this oil is rich in garlic flavor and tastes perfect over roasted vegetables, dips, roast chicken, or whipped into butter for easy garlic bread or croutons. Use this oil anytime you would use garlic!

Ingredients: organic olives, organic garlic


Cynthia Huang


Love love love! So high quality and flavorful. Love using it on avo toast and in salads!’