Grass-Fed Beef New York Strip Steak (1 piece per pack) Delivery

Grass-Fed Beef New York Strip Steak (1 piece per pack)

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Twisted Horn Cattle Co's New York Strip is a smaller cut from the short loin, known for its intense flavor – dry aged 14-28 days for maximum flavor and tenderness. This super lean beef will cook 30-40% faster than grain-fed or conventional beef. In beautiful Sonoma County, Twisted Horn Ranch raises 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed Longhorn cattle, a beautiful heritage breed descended from the very first cattle in the Americas, renowned for its flavor and nutritional value.


Emily Cooper

Perfect steaks

Yum! I love to sear these and serve with black peppercorn cream sauce.

Katie S.

Great quality steak

I love treating myself to a quality steak every now and again. No complaints here. Flavor was excellent.

Maria Devera

Smaller than expected

Looks good. Smaller than expected. 0.60 lbs per piece.


Small steak

Good quality but the steak was smaller than expected