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Hattie B's Delivery

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We've partnered with Hattie B's, America's finest fried chicken establishment, to create a bold new Flock flavor. This new Flock flavor is seasoned to perfection using Hattie B's signature Hot Nashville Style seasoning.

With the crispy and crunchy texture of potato chips (without the carbs) and the protein of jerky, this is the ultimate guilt free, keto friendly, low carb, and high protein snack.

  • #Gluten Free


Jennifer Gresham

Yummy spice

These were surprisingly good. I’ve had other chicken skin based chips but these were definitely the tastiest. Had difficulty not eating the whole bag at once!

Lia Zhang

Not a good source of protein

bought these because I thought they'd be a good alternative to turkey jerky, but they're more like pork rinds than a healthy snack. the flavor and texture is good!

Mini D

Crispy and flavorful

Probably would order more

Jeremy Siegel

One serving

Ate the whole bag in one go!