Hot Honey Delivery
Hot Honey Delivery

Hot Honey

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12oz. We combined our beloved datil peppers with wildflower honey and apple cider vinegar to create a sweet, slow burning drizzle for your cheese boards, marinades, pizza, and anything in between. Ingredients: wildflower honey, apple cider vinegar, datil peppers.

Founded by three friends and inspired by a sweet, crazy dog by the same name, Zab’s was created to share the unique lingering heat of the Datil Pepper, grown in St. Augustine, Florida - America’s oldest city - and manages to balance sweetness with the heat of a habanero. Datil Pepper has been the pride of St. Augustine - the city loves the petite hot pepper so much it hosts a festival dedicated to them each October! And while the origins of the datil is much debated including a theory that they were brought here by a Chilean jelly maker - their incredible, lingering heat and nuanced flavor is undeniable. Zab’s Hot Sauce was born solely out of passion for the Datil Pepper and the desire to spread their enthusiasm around the world.