vendorEncina Farms

Iberico Pork Shank (Osso Buco)

$15.101.25 - 1.5 lb.1

2 ct, 1.25 - 1.5 lb. Arrives frozen.

Encina Farms raise 100% pure Iberico pigs, famous in Spain for their rich flavor and tender meat. They are the only producer raising Iberico pigs in California, producing fresh cuts like osso buco, also known as shanks, a traditionally flavorful and rich cut that is best for slow-cooking and braising. The bone has a rich marrow that melts into the meat during a slow braise, giving this cut exceptional flavor that's perfect for a chilly Bay Area evening.

Arrives: Frozen

Jeremy Siegel

Iberico is life

Valentine’s Day meal star!

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