Illustrated Kids' Live Together Set Delivery

Illustrated Kids' Live Together Set

$9.18Set of 3
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1)Each plate is 8 inches in diameter with a slightly turned-up edge.

2)The cup measures 3.5-inches in height and holds 8 ounces.

3)The cereal bowl is 5.5 inch diameter, 2.3 inches in height. Ideal for cereal and snacks. This is the same size as the bowl in the palette collection.

Made from naturally organic bamboo fiber, non-GMO corn starch, and a food-grade BPA free melamine binding. Safe for dishwasher top rack. Not suitable for microwave or oven use.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, growing 1 to 4 inches in a single day. The plant regrows quickly after harvesting, and the plant’s health is actually improved by cutting. As a general rule, each bamboo plant can be re-harvested every three years with zero negative impact on the environment.