Acme Bread

Italian Long Bread

$7.3016 oz.

16 oz.

Acme Bread Company makes this Italian Long out of their traditional Italian Dough, moulding the dough by hand into a thick baguette shape. A mild sourdough bread, leavened both with a natural starter and with Baker’s Yeast, this bread’s flavor is both mildly tangy and a bit sweet, for an almost fruity effect and does not leave an overwhelming aftertaste as a full sourdough loaf might do. Reminiscent of the irregular structure and texture of classic Tuscan breads, this Italian Long is the same length as a standard baguette but nearly twice as wide. Use it for hearty Italian subs like a meatball marinara or fill it with roasted meats drenched in sauce.

Ingredients: wheat flour, malted barley flour, water, sea salt, whole wheat starter (whole wheat flour, water)

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