Jalapeno Bacon & Cheddar Sourdough Delivery

Jalapeno Bacon & Cheddar Sourdough

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San Francisco sourdough gained a valuable player when Rize Up Bakery came onto the scene in 2020, crafting some of the most unique loaves in the city. Their Jalapeno, Bacon & Cheddar Sourdough is their most complex and time invested creation. Chunks of Tillamook cheddar, bits of house-cut bacon and smokey fire roasted jalapeños come together in a tangy sourdough with the perfect crust, this loaf is all that and a bag of chips!

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Jason Berkman

any bread by Rize Up

I started buying their bread when they started out, here and there, so I am pleased that Feed is carrying their awesome bread!

Yasmine Davis


this exceeded all my expectations, absolutely delicious and i WILL be reordering

Nicole Spear

Creative and beautiful bread 🍞

Love all of these breads! The Ube is beautiful and the jalapeño bacon 🥓 is bonkers good toasted with fresh butter and salt. I can’t get enough of this bread.